Sorry I missed the annual meeting at Deitch’s. I was attending my 50th high school reunion.
Boy there were a lot of old people there! The organizers made name badges which had our
names and yearbook photos on them. That was a great idea, so we could associate our
names with what we looked like all those years ago. It was surprising how many of my class-
mates looked basically the same, while just as many now look completely different. The cold
snap that weekend had me thinking about the coming winter season. It’s getting time to put
our MGs to bed for the winter. Remember to put gas stabilizer in the tank and give your car a
good drive of at least half an hour to get it fully up to temperature and the stabilizer through
the whole fuel system. Then you can put it away for the winter with the expectation it will start
up easily in the spring. If you are storing your car where there could be field mice or other
rodents, it is a good idea to cover the tail pipe and air cleaner inlets with aluminum foil to keep
the critters out. Some also put moth balls or shavings of Irish Spring soap inside the
passenger compartment and engine bay to try to keep mice out. Don’t forget to disconnect
the battery if you’re not using a trickle charger to keep the battery charged. The half hour
drive will also ensure the battery is charged before you store the car. A fully charged battery
will withstand a lower temperature before freezing than one which is partly or completely
discharged. Of course, you can always remove the battery and store it indoors.

                                                                Don Stewart

President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, Don Stewart