Not much activity in the garage these days. Suzanne and I have been going through a
bathroom construction project over the last few months. Between dealing with contractors,
and doing some work myself, I haven't had a lot of time to devote to the MGB GT project. 95%
of the new wiring harness is installed and the heater assembly was refurbished and
reinstalled. Some of the corrugated hoses connecting the defroster vents and the cold air
vent were deteriorated and fell apart. I had to fabricate new ones. As a word of advice; avoid if
possible removing an MGB dash, at least for the later models. If you have small narrow hands,
it might not be too hard, but I have skinned knuckles to show for my dash installation efforts.

It was nice seeing club members at British Cars at Hartwood. The overall attendance was
down this year despite just about perfect weather. Geo D'Eon and I were wondering if the
change from popular vote to a judged show could be one of the causes. We missed George
Kress cooking hot dogs this year as he was off on another travel adventure. I managed to get
the hot dogs cooked, but Suzanne reminded me several times that I forgot some simple
things, like plates, napkins, utensils, and so on. At least our members didn't go hungry and
hot dogs on buns are good finger food anyway!

Our general membership meeting is on November 11th, I urge you to come to this meeting. I
will not be running for another term as President, and we need to look for a newsletter Editor
as Georges will be returning to Canada next year courtesy of Uncle Sam. To finish out the
year, our Christmas Party will be held on December 9th.

                                                Don Stewart
President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, Don Stewart