Just got home from a Rhine River cruise, and it was wonderful. If you get a chance, I would
recommend it. Now, it is back to work. I finally got the bumpers on the new restoration I have
been working on for a year. Took it out to put some fresh gas in it and it did not go well. I did
however make it back to the garage without a tow. Seems to me that there are a lot of bugs to
work out of this one. The club has a lot of activities coming up in the next few months, and I
will be driving to Richmond for the NAMGAR GT with two of our members. Wish us luck. I don't
know about you, but there does not seem to be enough time in each day, and I seem to wear
out before the day is done. This retirement is tough! It is time to start planning for the club
picnic on August 19th. Thanks to Bill Kirk, we managed to get the same pavillion we had last
year. Look for something in the next newsletter. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions,
please give me a call at 412-913-4230.

        George Kress

President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, George Kress