Well it finally happened! I won first in class at British Car Day. All those years cooking hot
dogs has finally paid off. I figured if you bribed people long enough, you would get their vote.
It was another hot one, but that is certainly better than rain. Every year the cars seem to get
better and better. It is always nice to see old friends that have been going for years. The
Triumph Club puts this on, and it is a lot of work. John Bender and I went down on Friday
around 5:00pm to help set up for the event. There were about 30 Triumph Club members
there to work. Some of them work, and some of the stand around ad BS, but they get it done.
Last year on show day, I ran out of hot dogs, and one of our members did not get one. She
never let me forget it every time I saw her during the year. This year I brought double the
number I usually bring because I did not want her to be left out again. It was a fun time, and
the event is great for the city, and makes a lot of money for charity.

                                               George Kress

President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, George Kress