President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, George Kress
Believe or not, there are some perks to being president of th Pittsburgh MG Club. That is if
you are a collector of MGs. I got a call from a person who owned an MG TF, and they
wanted to sell it. They were moving, and had to sell the car. My first question was, how
long has it been sitting? The answer was not what I wanted to hear. He thought it was
around 1990 when the car last ran. I thought, what the heck, it doesn't cost anything to
look , and give him some advice on selling the car.

The car was in a three car garage, with a lot of stuff piled around it. We took the cover off,
and found that mice had visited the car, and had a taste of the interior. The owner said he
had the engine rebuilt, and had 3,000 miles on it. After pulling the plugs, and putting a
crank in it, I was unable to get the engine to turn over. I told him the best way to sell this
car is on EBAY. They had never sold anything on the site, and offered me a commission
for listing and selling it. I would like to have the car, but an MGA Coupe, and don't have
any  room to store a car . I asked our news letter editor, Don, to go with me, but he was not
able. Instead,  I took my body man and friend Bill with me. Turns out he has aways wanted
a TF. We'll  go to pick it up on Saturday morning. It was nice to find a good home for a
neglected MG.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy. Bonnie and I are ready to take the shot for
the virus when we can find out where. Stay safe. I  hope by summer we can get together

                                                          George Kress