I keep my MGs on a battery tender during the winter. On Sunday March 17th, it was cold but
sunny, and I felt an urge to get one of the cars out and go for a run. I put on a hoodie and
went off. Man that car ran great. When you do that , it reminds you why you own these cars. It
was a little cold, but great! I am planning on driving one of my cars to NAMGAR GT-44i in
Dubuque IA this summer in July. One of my friends from VA has planned the road run. I will
have to miss the banquet because I need to be home Sunday for work. My son will be on
vacation the following week. Speaking on driving our cars, we agreed to help Bud with the
country-side tour this year, and I am counting on everyone to help. We will need group
leaders for the driving event. Go to the website and sing up early. I am looking forward to
spring, but it doesn't seem like it is here yet.

George Kress

President's Notes

Thoughts from our club President, George Kress