Annual Business Meeting
Saturday, November 9th

Our annual business meeting will be on Saturday, November 9th at Noon. The location is
The Baja Bar and Grille at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club. This location is handicap
accessible.  Beverages will be provided by the club. Lunch is ordered off the menu, and
you are responsible for your meal charges. Besides the usual conversation and general
merriment, there are several topics to be discussed. Review of 2019 events, Planning for
2020 events, and nominations of Club Officers for 2020.

We are looking for someone to take over hosting the Pub Night event in January. We also
need volunteers to host driving events for next year. Please make an effort to come out for
the meeting and help make our Club a success. Planning and hosting a driving event is not
very difficult when using Google Maps or other mapping software. Experienced route
planners can help you with setting a route plan, and how to check out the roads. If you like
driving your British car, planning a tour route is a fun way to spend a few hours finding fun
back roads. It is surprising the neat places you can come across while planning a tour.
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