Bayernhof Museum Tour

This interesting tour of a local businessman of eccentric tastes is a unique way to
spend a few hours on an early spring day. The tours are limited to 12 people, and
there are only two per day. We booked both tours for March 28th. To bring some MG
Club unity to the event, those taking the morning or afternoon tours will meet together
at 12:15 at the Walnut Grill, at the Waterworks Mall, 933 Freeport Road, Pittsburgh.
The Walnut Grill is about 15 minutes from the museum. Because of the logistics of
this event, reservations must be made by calling Randy Fertelmes at 724-352-4355
by March 14th. The cost of the tour is $10 per person,
Bring cash to the event,
they do not accept credit cards or checks.
We will par for our own lunch at the
Walnut Grill. This tour is great if you like Mechanical instruments and toys, and the
story of the life of someone who had great ideas. All of the mechanical instruments
are working, and some will be played on the tour.
Please note this tour involves
several winding staircases that must be negotiated
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